Hi, I’m the Mile High Money Guy.  I am a CPA, Realtor, small business owner, auditor and total nerd that is devoted to helping liberate people financially.  I know how freeing it is to be financially liberated and want others to feel that same freedom.  Your definition of financial liberation may be different than mine and that’s awesome, I want you to achieve yours.

Financial liberation to me means (in no particular order) a home with no mortgage, cash set aside, investing, spending as we see fit, streams of passive income, giving generously, open communication with my spouse about money, choosing what work looks like, and being able to spend a lot of time with family.

I’m just young enough to be considered a millennial and choose to live in beautiful Colorado.  My spouse and I have been married for 10 years.  We started out with student loan and mortgage debt and I’ve worked as a CPA and in sales.  Right after getting married we started a business where I wouldn’t even allow the purchase of a laptop, fully functional car, or cell phone until it was profitable.  Did I mention I’m a CPA? That business has grown steadily and now we own several businesses.  We are financially liberated.  We are able to provide, give generously and have fun.  I want you to be financially liberated, too.  So, let’s get to work.