You Don’t Want More Money

Making more money isn’t what any of us really want.

Remember when $100,000 sounded like a whole lot of money?  I do, that’s for sure.  If you were handed $100,000 today I think you could spend it pretty easily on just a few things.  What if you were given $10,000,000? That would be harder to spend.  Actually, you should list out what exactly you would buy if you had that amount in your bank account today.  It’s likely harder than you think!

We may believe we want to make more money but really we want what that money provides.  It could be buying a new car, going on a vacation, paying off debt, funding a child’s education, buying investments, owning a home, helping out a family member, giving to a great cause, or something else.  Unless you identify what you truly want from what the money will provide then the journey is pointless and you will falter over time.  I certainly have.  So, really consider why you want to make more money and we’ll pick it up from there.

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