You Can’t Retire…Without Passive Income

You want income when you aren’t working?  Sounds like you need that income to come in passively.  Unless you are somehow going to live off the land in the middle of nowhere with no need for supplies, tools, energy, transportation, entertainment, or anything from another person you will most likely need income.  

Even the traditional sense of retirement requires you to receive passive income.  You would get checks magically from a pension fund, you would get a quarterly dividend check in the mail from stocks you own, you would receive interest income in your savings account, or some other form of income you didn’t work this week to get.  You would either get benefits from someone like the government or your prior employer or income form of your money making you money without you doing a thing except managing it. Your only other option would be to use the actual cash you have saved to buy things but that is finite and you may be in trouble if you outlive your cash.

I do not believe in retirement, more on that later.  I do believe in you receiving passive income today, not just when you have decided to stop working.  Passive income is what unlocks your ability to choose your work today, tomorrow, and when you’re 67 years old.  That passive income can be from the traditional sources mentioned above or from a myriad of other fun ways that we will be discussing here.

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