Where to Save Your Financial Independence Fund

Your Financial Independence Fund is your moat.  It is where you first decide to start with the end in mind – Financial Liberation.  I believe there is no more important contributor to your financial future. So, where should you save it?

I encourage saving it in a place that isn’t easy to access.  No, not buried in your backyard! Consider using an online bank account where it’s held with an institution different than one you currently use.  Maybe consider a credit union or online bank that may offer a good interest rate compared to others. Then don’t use that same institution for any other accounts.  This will make it so it is a little more difficult to access. You may have to wait a day or more to get a transfer to go through. It will have to use a login that you use so rarely you have to reset the password each time you login.  It would encourage it being in a savings account. Not a Certificate of Deposit (CD), stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, etc. It should be difficult to access just enough so you don’t dip into it when you need an extra $100 but not so difficult that it’s in a risky investment that just went down in value or you need to wait a week for access.

One thought on “Where to Save Your Financial Independence Fund

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