How do I keep my money safe?

Everyone talks about their investments…when they’re going up.  Ironically, investors want the lowest amount of risk with the highest return.  Very few people are interested in an investment that merely matches the average returns of a market over time or even lags the market average returns.  We all want to beat the market. It’s fun and makes us look smart. It is the staple sales logic of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) that keeps us from buying boring investments.

The only way to keep your investments safe is to take little to no risk.  That generally means earning less return on your money compared to the highest earning investments.  I know this personally because I often compare my investments to the stocks/funds/etc. that I otherwise could have bought instead.  I always feel like I should have just bought the higher return investments because they obviously did better.  I fear missing out and I know I could have done better…with a crystal ball of course.

Your investment that is kept safe will not be fun to talk about.  It will be a savings account or some other sweater-vest-wearing investment that you deem fit.  Bottom line is this, you will most likely not attain the highest possible returns with the lowest possible risk over time if you want to keep your money safe.  If you don’t know what is safe or best for your risk tolerance you should definitely talk to someone that you trust that can help you figure that out.  If you want returns that are worth talking about, you may need to take on some risk and therefor not keep all of your money as safe as you otherwise could.

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