How to Budget Series

Pretty much nobody wants to have a budget, let alone follow one. From my experience, it’s common for budgeting to be seen as a stressful, draining, boring, limiting ordeal. For couples it could also be a source of hard core disagreement. I think budgeting gets a bad rap. Like gluten-free baked goods, it’s rare for them to be done right but in the rare occasion that they are it’s actually pretty awesome. For all these reasons, I’m going to be writing a series about how budgeting should be done. If you follow along and implement this way of budgeting, it’s actually going to be pretty awesome. A budget should relieve you of stress, not cause stress. A well done budget will be freeing, not limiting.

I challenge you to follow this whole series and be open minded throughout it so you can experience the power of the budget and what it has to offer. When done well, budgeting is core to not just achieving your financial independence but also keeping it.

2 thoughts on “How to Budget Series

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