Raise Your Standards

How would you rate your accomplishment level today on a scale of 1-5 in a major area of life (e.g., personal, financial, relational, spiritual, etc.)?  If you rate yourself a 5, it’s time to raise your standards.  Once at a 5…there is no higher number left.  If that’s the case, you cannot grow.  If you cannot grow then you can only maintain or degrade.  So why not choose to raise your standards and change the scale?

If you believe you are a 5 out of 5 at something, are you the world class achiever at that area of life whereby nobody has, nor will, achieve at a higher level?  Most likely, that is not the case.  If you feel you are a 5 on finances, are there people that have achieved more in terms of giving, earning, saving, investing, or frugality than you have?  Of course there are, and that is a great thing.  No matter where you stand there is room for improvement.  Choose to be a 5 and then re-invent the scale so you become a 3 again with a higher ceiling as your 5.

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