Generosity Series

There is great joy to be found in being generous with your money.  As we’ve discussed in the past, being generous is a choice and can be cheerful.  Giving can become a complex topic so we are going to walk through it in great detail in this series.  I believe you should be generous with your money.  Think of the impact if everyone chose to be generous financially.  Better yet, consider the impact if everyone was a cheerful giver!

From my experience in talking with people about money, people want to be generous with their money but they just haven’t learned how.  It is common to think that if you HAVE plentiful money then you would be generous.  Or, if you DO what really generous people do then you could be generous.  These types of thinking never work over the long term.  You must first BE a generous person.  Once you choose to be a generous person then you will allow money to flow through your hands just as it should.

This is going to be a really exciting series.  We are going to cover a ton of topics around being generous with money.  This series is going to really push some people’s buttons and challenge you to be honest with yourself about where you stand on the issue of generosity.  I am excited about the purpose you will find on this journey and the impact you’ll choose to make!

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