Talking about Money this Holiday Season?

Let’s face it, people do not like to talk about money.  Most likely, you do not want to discuss with your family and friends where you stand financially.  No matter how close you are with people this can be a touchy subject.

During the Holiday season this is the time for you to be the light!

You should talk with the people that are important to you about money because this is the perfect time to be in conversation with them.  Giving gifts, stretching the budget, taking time off work, etc.

Chances are you are going to be around family and friends for an extended period of time.  When appropriate, a simple question to ask is “What are your thoughts on how to handle money?”  Be ready for the answer!  Brace yourself and listen closely.  Ask questions, if fitting.  You are most likely the first person to have ever asked any kind of question like this.  I encourage you to ask questions of the elders in the situation.  Feel free to offer sound financial advice if you feel fit but most importantly listen and follow-up later with those willing to share.

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