Your Past? Meaningless

It is a simple answer to your situation to say that it’s because of “what I’ve done” or “this is how I was brought up to be” or “that’s just how I am” or “I’m too old” or “I can’t afford a college degree” or “my family told me I can’t do it” or….you fill in the blank.  I’m here to tell you that those are all limiting beliefs.  Those are all excuses.

Do not take this as motivational speak.  Instead, I’m presenting a decision point where you can choose to define a transition, a point at which things begin to change.  This can be the impetus for your generation to be the pivotal one for your family, and you can be the beginning of it all.  Perhaps it’s a choice to take an additional class that is free, invest time in developing a skill, intern in a new field, start a new business, engage in new relationships, or invest many thousands of dollars to earn an higher education.  Only you can know what makes you differentiate yourself and attain your highest level of applying your knowledge, skills, and abilities.

You must accept that if something is going to change it is because you are doing something different than what has been done.  It’s not because you are special or unique.  It’s not because you are better than your family or friends.  It’s because of the choices you make, your knowledge/skills/abilities, work ethic, and your tenacity.  What choices are you making now that will change how your family and the world will be impacted?  Who are you becoming?

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