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I believe most people that are successful with money go through four financial stages in their life.

Stage 1: Surviving

Stage 2: Stabilizing

Stage 3: Thriving

Stage 4: Overflowing

The stages are not always linear. You may go back and forth between these stages throughout your existence and you may start at a different stage than others will. Over this series we’ll explore the stages together. There will be a good amount of links to bring you to more detailed posts as well so please be sure to go back and reference other posts as you read along. I believe these posts are going to be what really brings together a whole host of topics.  After reading this series you should have a good idea of where you are currently, what the next steps are for you to progress in stages, the goals of each financial stage, and what you need to implement in order to reach your financial goals.  So, let’s pull it all together!