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People often ask me, “When is the best time to buy and sell stocks?”  Usually that question is really that person’s way of asking, “How do I time the stock market?”

Very few people can time the market really well over time.  Even the thousands upon thousands of people whose full time job it is to research the market rarely time the market well over time.  So let’s just get it out of our heads that we can always buy at the perfect time and always sell at the perfect time.  It’s just not going to happen.  So, if that’s the case then how do you go about buying and selling in the best way to minimize your losses and maximize your returns?  There are a few strategies and we’ll go over them over the next few posts.  Each person’s situation is different so you need to decide for yourself how, or even if, you want to invest in the stock market.  Consult a financial adviser if you would like help (make sure you understand how they are paid, all of the fees involved, and the net return of the investments after all fees).