Buying Big Ticket Items

When you are anticipating a big ticket item, you should save for that well in advance so you can pay cash for it when the time comes to buy.  When you save for a big ticket item it is good to have a separate savings account that is labeled for the item being saved to purchase (eg, car fund).  I believe you should not use debt or credit cards for large consumer purchases, which is when you are buying something that likely is going to decrease in value.  Be slow and deliberate when purchasing big ticket items like an old, wise tortoise.

You are going to be an owner of the big ticket item so that means you will need to practice patience.  Big ticket items are usually not a source of instant gratification, which means that you need to save for them over time and not just get it because you want it right then.  I believe that when you work hard, plan, and save for something you will enjoy it more and you will truly internalize how important that item is to you.

Keep large purchases on your radar when you are developing your budget and priorities for excess income.  The priorities for excess income approach allows you to set in stone what your goals are for saving for big ticket items.  You also then are able to project out how long you will need to save in order to make that big purchase.

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