What do you do if you feel as if you just can’t get ahead financially?  This is a really tough place to be in life.  From my experience I bet you are working hard and possibly working more than one job.  But, you just keep feeling like you can’t make traction in your life financially.  So, what do you do?

First, whenever I sit down with people in this situation it is usually the case where they can make a few simple adjustments.  It’s rare that you are really in as dire a situation as you may think initially.  Frankly, you are probably better off overall than most!  So, take a little of the pressure off yourself and let’s take hold of the situation to gain some more control on things.

If you feel as if you are not gaining traction you should look closely at your budget.  If you do not yet have a budget, be sure to go back to the Budgeting Series and develop one now.  Be sure to walk through the Financial Stages to see where you are currently.  Once you have an honest assessment of where you are, and have a financial plan on how to move forward, you can set a new focus for your financial life.

If you are still not feeling like you will be able to get ahead financially after reading through this article, developing your budget, and assessing where you are in the Financial Stages please do contact the Mile High Money Guy so we can work together to ensure you are able to get ahead financially.