Successful people are an interesting study.  They are very different, yet share very similar traits in a lot of ways.  There are many studies, books, movies, etc. on those that are deemed successful in the world.  This list is based on my own personal interactions and experiences with successful people.  I do not see this list as exhaustive by any means.  I know most writers will say “Top 10….” but I kept it as 12 because I believe this is the true list as I thought them through.  This list is not meant to be in any specific order or priority.

12 Things Successful People Do

  1. Keep it simple
  2. Do important things first
  3. Set goals
  4. Welcome accountability
  5. Maintain integrity
  6. Give
  7. Keep money accountable
  8. Seek wise counsel
  9. Read
  10. Avoid a victim mindset
  11. Believe there is a bigger purpose
  12. Counterbalance their life