How to Get Little Kids to Love Math

For the past several months our daughter has been obsessed with numbers.  She loves writing numbers and asking me math questions like I’m on some kind of math quiz show.  She loves all things numbers and math.  This is actually surprising because she has always been the little artist in our family and she is still amazingly creative.  She still loves art but she has now expanded that same passion to math and numbers.

I have always been one, as you may guess, to show our kids what I am doing when it comes to financial things in life.  However, I think the defining moment for her to be really into math was when I sat down and showed her how to calculate the projected capitalization rate of a rental property and imputed the asking price of that property based on present day expected rates of return.  She loved seeing how all the numbers flowed and worked together.  In a way, perhaps she saw them as art.  Nonetheless, if you want a little kid to love math you should start showing it to them.  Explain to them how it works.  Show them how important it can be to know math to make informed decisions.  Do not “dumb it down” for them but instead show them how important it can be in daily life.  Who knows, maybe the children in your life will be passionate about math once you expose them to it one-on-one.

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